Finland The Land Of The Midnight Sun All-night Poker Sessions And Vodka

The Finns are a hardy bunch one of the few countries to resist the Soviets they love nothing better than staying up all night playing cards and drinking vodka. Ok so not all of them are hardened drinkers and chronic gamblers. In fact there’s only one big casino to speak off ‘The Grand Casino Helsinki’ and their gambling laws are heavy on the regulation. So heavy in fact the EU regularly chastises them for un-compliance to EU regulations. Finland has a state monopoly on all gambling activity. This is considered by the European Commission to be in direct violation of article 49 in which member countries to the free availability of services from other member countries. The Finns argue that there gambling industry is nonprofit making with all proceeds going to social programs. Several strong letters have been sent from the EC and several have been sent back. The stalemate probably won’t go on forever as most other countries taking this standpoint have had their wrists slapped and eventually complied.

It Hasn’t Made Much Of A Difference
As with most countries that have tried to restrict access the online casino industry takes Finnish customers anyway. In fact some of the biggest and most conservative have dedicated Finnish language versions and as Finland is part of the Euro Zone currency is no issue either. The fact that these brands don’t take US players due to legal concerns must mean that the Finnish situation is ultimately untenable. It will be interesting to see what happens as the Finnish government is talking of getting tougher on foreign sites and looking to block access and restrict financial transactions. If that happens the EU may well get tough in its own way. We shall see. In the meantime there is no comeback for either the online casino or the player as regards Finnish law enforcement. So as it stands the best online casino Finland has available is most definitely not Finnish. There are just far too many global brands available for the state sanctioned site to compete.